‘Tekken 7’ Latest Update: Bandai Namco Working On A New Update To Resolve Online Matchmaking Issues

Responding to complaints about Tekken 7's online matchmaking issues, Bandai Namco announced that it is now working on its latest update. These issues have marred the otherwise good reception that the game experienced when it was launched. Gamers have reported that these issues prevented them from fully enjoying the game.

It Is Difficult To Get Opponents In Online Matches

Apparently, the online matchmaking issues of Tekken 7 make it difficult for players to get opponents in Ranked Match mode. There are even instances when players have to wait for 10 minutes before the game pick their opponent. And when they do get an opponent, a glitch in the game causes them to constantly lose their connections.

The Present System Allows Gamers To Dodge Matches

For its online Ranked matches, the present system of Tekken 7 enables gamers to choose or dodge matches. This system is a cause for disappointment for a lot of players who are trying to increase their level or rank. Thankfully, the game developer has promised to look at these issues and come up with the necessary update that will fix them.

'Tekken 7' Will Change Some Elements Of The Game

Part of the solution, according to the development team, is to change some elements of Tekken 7. For instance, the game might no longer display player and opponent character when gamers are searching for a match in Ranked Match mode. Perhaps, other than match dodging, correcting the issue of constantly losing connections during online matches should also be a priority of the game development team.

There Is No Definite Release Date For The Update Yet

Although Bandai Namco announced that it is already investigating these issues and working on the solutions, it did not give any definite date as to when it will release the latest update patch of Tekken 7. Fans are hoping that the full details will be shared by the companion on the game's official website. In this regard, fans of the game are advised to be on the watch for the latest news update of this video game.

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