Injustice 2 Latest Update: Here’s How Players Can Play Red Hood Before Its DLC Release

NetherRealm has already revealed that Red Hood will be a playable character with the upcoming DLC release of Injustice 2 but only after the DLC is officially launched. However, there's an enterprising YouTuber who has discovered a way to play Red Hood now on Xbox One, days before the DLC release. And gamers can do it legally, no cheating, hacking or anything of that sort.

Apparently, the YouTuber has found a workaround in Injustice 2 that will enable gamers to play Red Hood now. Fans will remember that NetherRealm announced that Red Hood is not playable yet but fans may see him in a stream this week. This character is scheduled to launch this month but if gamers will be able to play him using no illegal hack or cheating, why not give them the opportunity? According to the YouTuber, there are only four or five steps on how gamers can play Red Hood in Injustice 2 right now.

First Step: Go To Settings

The gamer needs to power up his Xbox One. Then he must go to Settings in the system menu. Then he has to drop down to Network.

Second Step: Choose 'Go Offline'

The second step is to choose the option 'Go Offline' and click the respective button.

Third Step: Do A Hard Reset

The gamer must then perform a hard reset of the console. This is done by holding down the power button ten seconds after which the Xbox One will automatically power up.

Fourth Step: Go Back To Settings

The gamer must return to Settings and click on System and then click Time. He needs to change the time to June 13, 2017. Apparently, this is the launch date of Red Hood's DLC in Injustice 2.

Fifth Step: Start The Game

The gamer must now start Injustice 2. He needs to go to Multiverse option and he will see the No Fear option showing up. According to the YouTuber, this is the mission where gamers can play as Red Hood. Enjoy!

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