Minecraft: Story Mode Is Returning For A Second Season Next Month

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 09, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

Telltale and Mojang confirmed recently that Minecraft: Story Mode is returning for season two The two video game developers and publishers revealed this latest development in a recent press statement. Apparently, the episodes of the video game will arrive in a month's time.

The First Episode Rolls Out On July 11

According to Telltale and Mojang, there will be five episodes for season two and the first episode is set to launch on July 11. The season premiere of Minecraft: Story Mode is titled Hero in Residence. Digital copies of the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Mac, and Android. A physical copy of the game will be released by Telltale this fall.

The Second Season Will Be A Good Entry Level For Beginners

Telltale also explained that the options for players provided by Minecraft: Story Mode season one are still available and will also affect certain things in season two. But there's no worry for those who haven't played the game yet says the developer. Season two will also serve as the entry level for beginners in the game.

Jesse Will Be Caught By A Mysterious Gauntlet Deep Underwater

With five episodes, Telltale effectively expanded the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode with three more episodes. The game's eight chapter will be released this coming September. This second season will continue the adventures of Jesse and his or her friends. Jesse's gender will depend on which character the gamer will choose for Jesse: Catherine Taber or Patton Oswald.

The story of the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode second season starts at the time when Jesse and the gang have saved the world by defeating the Wither Storm. However, after becoming big heroes, the gang started to break their bonds, until a mysterious gauntlet gets hold of Jesse's hands.

It appears that this mysterious gauntlet came out from an ancient temple in the deep blue sea. That means, the gang will be thrown in a new adventure in the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode starting with the rescue of Jesse from the clutches of the mysterious gauntlet. In other words, Jesse and the gang will again face dangers, tough choices to make and all kinds of thrilling adventures.

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