‘Minecraft’ Latest News: Nintendo Switch Launches Own Version; Enables Playing On The Go

The latest news indicates that it is now possible to play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. Avid fans of the game and owners of the gadget will welcome this news. With this new development, they will no longer be limited to playing the game on their PCs but can play the game anywhere they go.

The Switch Could Be The Best Platform For Minecraft

Many experienced players of this video game know that Minecraft is best played on their PCs. The table top has a lot of advantages and flexibilities that no other platform can offer. However, this Minecraft latest news has superseded all that. Some gamers who have already tried it even prognosticate that the Nintendo Switch might be the best platform of all for this video game.

The latest Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition just came out the other day. It was made available at the Nintendo eShop. The company promised that a physical version will be available to interested buyers at a later date. Initial reviews of the game indicate that players could easily adapt to this platform, and might even prefer the Switch when playing the video game.

The Features Of The Switch Are Just Right For Minecraft

Some gamers believe that this will be made possible because of the Nintendo Switch's features. Apparently, they found out that the features of the gadget are wonderfully made for Minecraft. This has induced the latest news that the Switch might take over the position held by the PC as the potentially preferred platform for the craft building-based game.

The Nintendo Switch offers a 6.2-inch screen with a dedicated controller input. To many experienced players, it offers a console-like gaming experience. The beauty of it is that players are not forced to stay put in just one place. The latest news is that they can enjoy this relatively larger and richer gaming experience while they are on the go.

Is It A Tough Sell?

With this latest news about Minecraft, many are predicting that it will take over the niche held by mobiles, in terms of improved gaming experience. The game is very interactive because it can be played by a maximum of 8 gamers at the same time. However, some believe that Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is a tough sell, what with its $29.99 tag price.

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