Square Enix's Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Artwork Leaks Online; Studio That Handles Marketing At Fault?

There have been countless rumors about Square Enix's upcoming game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but nothing really come close to a leaked logo and artwork. Yes, these have surfaced online, giving fans a slight knowledge about the title. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to ScreenRant, the first artwork and logo of Shadow of the Tomb Raider have been leaked. This is a complete surprise considering how the studio wanted to keep every detail about the game in wraps. Well, not for long, as the community has the slightest idea already.

ComicBook suggests that this was not really the very first time a leak happened to the game. Back in 2016, the official title of the game found its way to the internet, without the studio's permission or whatsoever. At first, many were skeptical; however, it was later on confirmed, as the developers cannot really do something about it.

In the leaked concept art, the main protagonist of Shadow of the Tomb Raider named Lara can be seen wielding what appears to be some sort of weapons. There is also a spear and a machete, and then there is a small sword. In another image, she appears to be holding something in her hand that, in one way or another, produces smoke. Without a doubt, this is a very typical Lara Craft from the adventure-themed series. This alone makes it a legit concept art of the forthcoming game.

PSU reports that the leak came straight from the official site of TAKEOFF Creative, which is the company responsible for all the marketing related stuff about Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The company is known to have worked with Square Enix before. The logo and concept art did not really provide any key information to the very core of the game. Nonetheless, it gives the community an idea of what Lara is capable of. Or, at least, they now know the kinds of weapons she will be using.

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