Google Doodle Releases a Series of Mini-Games to Keep People Inside: Doodle the Coronavirus Away!

Simple Google Doodle Games to Play While Passing the Time: Doodle the Coronavirus Away!

Google Doodle will be releasing a series of mini-games to keep people from getting bored. Doodle the coronavirus away!

by Urian

Post on Reddit Shows Vision of Xbox Series X Senua's Saga Special Edition: XboxSeriesX Community Itself Shared the Post!

Xbox Series X Senua's Saga Special Edition? Post on Reddit Shared by the XboxSeriesX Community Itself!

A certain post on Reddit shows an envisioned Xbox Series X Senua's Saga Special Edition and it was recently shared by the XboxSeriesX community itself! Could this console be real?

by Urian

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' 'Bugs Nerf' Makes Gaining Cash Significantly Harder From Catching Critters

A hidden update hit Animal: Crossing New Horizons setting cash farmers way behind schedule

by Renz

Survival Tips: How to Watch Out for Poison and Other Stranded Deep Techniques

Stranded Deep: How to Watch Out for Poison and Other Survival Techniques

If you've tried out the game Stranded Deep or are thinking of trying it out, you may want to prepare yourself for poison.

by Urian

How did the VHS Help Create One of the Best Horror Games on PC? Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation is Selling at 95% Off for just $2!

Alien: Isolation is now 95% Off and Selling at Only $2! How did the VHS Help in Its Production

Creative Assembly's very own Alien: Isolation is selling at only 2$, which is a 95% discount from its regular price. How did a VHS help produce one of the best horror games on PC ever?

by Urian

Here's How to Get Unlimited HP and MP in Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Hack to Infinite and Fast Regeneration

[Cheats] How to Get Unlimited HP and MP in Final Fantasy XV: Infinite and Fast Regeneration

If you've been having a hard time getting past some levels in Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix, this cheat might solve your problems!

by Urian

Creative Assembly's Total War: SHOGUN 2 is Free Next Week! Here's How to Get It

How to Download Total War: SHOGUN 2 for Free! Creative Assembly Hacks

Creative Assembly's masterpiece Total War: SHOGUN 2 is said to be free next week! Wondering how to get it? Here's how!

by Urian

Achieve glory together!

Trials of Mana Guide: What You Need To Know To Complete The Game And Experience The Whole Story

Having a touch time with Trials of Mana? Read on to figure out what you should prioritize on your journey!

by Renz

Ex-Developer from Sony Says that the Xbox Series X is much Better than the PS5: Teraflops Comparison

PS5 is Doomed by Xbox Series X: Ex-Sony Developer Says So Himself!

A former developer from Sony has recently given his thoughts as to which console would win and surprisingly, the developer picked the Xbox Series X!

by Urian

[Trailer] Ultimate Games is Said to Release a 'Pope Simulator' Video Game where Players can be the Most Powerful Man in the World, the Pope!

[Trailer] Want to Rule the Vatican? Check Out the 'Pope Simulator' Video Game!

Ultimate Games has just released a trailer of their new 'Pope Simulator' video game! Check out the trailer to find out what to expect when playing as the most powerful man in the world!

by Urian

Was There Something Wrong with the Fortnite x Travis Scott Concert? Was Epic Games able to Deliver an Epic Concert?

What Went Wrong with the Fortnite x Travis Scott Concert? Was This a Win or Loss for Epic Games?

Epic Games just recently hosted a Fortnite x Travis Scott in-game concert and it's still pretty debatable as to whether or not the concert was a success. What do you think?

by Urian

WWE 2K21 Might Not Come This Year: Is 2K Games Focusing on Something Else for Wrestling Fans?

No WWE 2K21 This Year? Should Wrestling Fans be Sad or is 2K Planning Something Else?

Rumors have started to surface that 2K Games won't be releasing WWE 2K21 this year. What on earth is 2K up to?

by Urian

Fortnite Battle Pass Missions

How To Find Golden Pipe Wrenches For Week 10 Midas Mission Of Fortnite: Where To Look?

Complete Fortnite's Week 10 Midas Mission by Epic Games through this guide and learn how to find the five golden pipe wrenches!

by Renz

Razer's Limited Edition Lucio-Themed Headset

[LIMITED TIME] Overwatch Hero 'Lucio' Sets The Stage For These Vibrantly Designed Headsets

Grab your Limited Edition Lucio-themed headsets now while you still can!

by Renz

Arch-Tempered Namielle

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developers Give Their Fans A Suitable Challenge And All-New Arsenal To Take Down The Massive Kulve Taroth

Experience the thrill of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's newest challenges! From a Master Rank Kulve Taroth to Arch-Tempered Namielle, there's plenty of new features for you to find out!

by Renz

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