A robot traversing a wooden plank

Robot Becomes Creative To Move Through Clutter

Clutter has been a major challenge for most robots.

by Chandan Das

Pepper The Robot

Pepper The Robot Gets A New Home And Android Support, Models To Be Available In July

Following the Google I/O event, it has been announced that Pepper The Robot now has a home in San Francisco after the tech company revealed that the machine would be powered by Android.

by Lorenzo Soliman

Internet surveillance

Microbot News: MIT Engineers Create Tiny Drone With Military And Civilian Applications

MIT has just created tiny robots with extended surveillance capabilities.

by Melvin Alfred Wong

Pepper Robot

Japan’s Pepper Robot Is Finally Coming To America

Pepper Robot will be in the American shore. It will be developed in Android platform.

by Logan

Artificial Intelligence

AI Becomes Ultimate Lab Assistant

Scientists create artificial intelligence algorithm which learned how to perform a complex experiment to create Bose-Einstein condensate.

by Melvin Alfred Wong

Hyundai Robot

Hyundai’s New Wearable -- ‘Iron Man’ Suit-See For Yourself

Hyundai has something new. It tells people that the company is into making robots.

by Logan

Quadcopter Drone

U.S. City Expo Launches New Drone Technology

Clash of the drones are finally coming to a household near you.

by Catherin Lue

Construction In London

New-Age Construction Would Feature Robot Builders

As a means of lowering manpower loss, construction firms are looking toward using machines to do the hard labor instead.

by Catherin Lue

Puma Logo

Puma Unveils New Training Robot

Puma built the BeatBot, a robotic device for training runners.

by Victor Thomson


Mind-Controlled Drones To Compete In A World Premiere

In a world premiere, the University of Florida organized the first competition for mind-controlled drones.

by Victor Thomson

China's First Ultra Realistic Robot Revealed In Hefei

Chinese Researchers Built Realistic Robot Jia Jia That Can Chat With Humans

Scientists in China built a realistic robot hostess called Jia Jia.

by Victor Thomson

Robot Teaches Language For Immigrant Kids

Robots May Replace 5 Million Jobs In 4 Years

With the advancements that come with technology, the industry may be facing the biggest job cuts in a couple of years.

by Jan David Perianes

Nanorobots Could Unclog Arteries Of The Heart

Nanorobots Could Unclog Arteries Of The Heart

A group of scientists will be testing a new method of surgery that involves nanotechnology to cure heart diseases.

by Paul Pajarillo


The Identilock Brings Smart Security To Guns

The latest invention by Omer Kiyani may be what the world needs for keeping guns safe.

by Jan David Perianes

Computers and Laptops

Why Banning Such Use Of Smartphones And Laptops During Meetings Can Boost Productivity

A recent study finds that banning 'gadgets and other technologies' during meetings helps in coming up with better outputs.

by Myraine Policarpio

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