Internet washing machine at Samsung D'light

Will Samsung's Washing Machines Suffer The Same Fate As The Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung is making waves again for the wrong reasons. It’s not about the Galaxy Note 7. This time, 2.8 million Samsung washing machines are being recalled.

by Jiran

Apple USB-C Adapters

Apple's 4K and 5K LG Displays Get Price Cuts

The two display products brought by Apple and LG get a limited special pricing.

by Jiran


Philips Hue Smart Lights Can Be Hacked By Using A Drone

According to a new study, a security flaw allows that drone could be used to hijack Phillips Hue smart lights.

by Victor Thomson

Microsoft Surface Studio

Dell's Unnamed Version Of Surface Studio PC Features Dual Displays, To Be Launched At The CES

Dell’s still unnamed version of Surface Studio has been in development since 2014.

by Jiran


Hulu Scores More Major Deals For Its Upcoming Live TV Streaming Service

Hulu's upcoming live TV streaming service will intensify the competition with regards to streaming.

by Jiran


Can You Stop A DDoS Attack?

How to effectively stop a DDoS attack?

by Victor Thomson

SHIELD Android TV console

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Gets A Major Update With Software Upgraded 3.3

If you have a SHIELD Android TV, NVIDIA has released a major update that will enhance your media streaming and gaming experience.

by Jiran

Apple October 27 Event: Run Down Of All Announcements

Apple October 27 Event: Run Down Of All Announcements

Apple’s latest Mac event unveiled a lot of steller new hardware from the Cupertino-based company, including a new MacBook Air and the 2016 MacBook Pro.

by Adie Pie

Nintendo Switch

Switch Is Nintendo’s Remaining Hope To Bring Back Its Glory After Wii U Sales Fell, 3DS In Stasis

Nintendo Switch has been the remaining hope of the Japanese gaming console company after its financiall report confirmed that Wii U sales horribly fell while 3DS is in stasis.

by Mario Manlupig, Jr.

Nintendo Switch List of All Features Includes Touchscreen, GPS, Etc.

Why Nintendo Should Bank On eSports

Five months before Nintendo releases its groundbreaking console, Switch, new hints point out that the Japanese console maker is heading to dominate eSports soon. Here's why should Nintendo bank on eSports.

by Mario Manlupig, Jr.

Microsoft Beam Streaming Service Vs. Twitch

Microsoft’s Beam Confirmed Out In 2017 On Xbox One And PC; How It Is Different From Twitch

Microsoft’s newly-acquired streaming service Beam is confirmed to be released Spring 2017 on Xbox One and PC. Know how it is different from Twitch and why you should be excited for it.

by Mario Manlupig, Jr.

Apple iMac

Microsoft Windows Event Recap: Creators Update and Surface Studio Unveiled

The recently concluded Microsoft Windows event has introduced exciting new offerings.

by Jiran

Microsoft's Surface Studio Is A Big Success As Of Fourth Quarter This Year

Apple's New iMac 2017 vs Microsoft Surface Studio: Which Desktop Will Be Next Year's Bestseller?

The real battle will begin when the iMac 2017 is released, and even when many believe that the Surface Studio is unbeatable, Apple could take advantage of time and analyze every single detail of Microsoft´s desktop to create a better product.

by Luis Fran

Hacker attack

Hackers Used New IoT Weapon For Friday's Internet Attack

According to internet security experts, hackers used a new IoT weapon to perform last Friday's internet attack at an unprecedented scale.

by Victor Thomson

Amazon Echo Additional Features Still Not Enough To Curb Google Home Sales

Amazon Echo Additional Features Still Not Enough To Curb Google Home Sales

Up until a few weeks ago, the Amazon Echo was unmatched. But then the Google Home was released and changed the game completely, no matter what features Amazon continues to add to its smart speaker.

by Adie Pie

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