[Viral Video] Cop Makes Pinned Man Hold a Stick Just So That He Can Have a Reason to Beat Him

By Urian , Jun 01, 2020 11:01 PM EDT

With the recent video of George Floyd gathering outrage, another video that shows police brutality has slowly been surfacing the internet. In a recent viral video, a group of white cops is seen pinning down a black man who was clearly overwhelmed by the number of police officers all working to take him in while the man seemed to refuse arrest.

At first, two police officers are seen trying to pin the man down on the road but are barely successful. A third police officer proceeds to walk over to them carrying a stick and trying to make the man hold it.

The police officer pushes the man to take hold of the stick and that is when the officer pinned his arm down and started punching the man's hand while the man was holding the stick that the officer made him hold.

The officer is even seen forcefully putting the man's hand on the stick while the man is resisting and quite confused as to why the officer would want him to hold the stick. The numbers of cops increase and finally and at the end of the video, there were already seven cops trying to diffuse the situation.

The cop literally put that man's hand on the stick just so he could have a reason to beat him up from r/PublicFreakout


The viral video

The video was captured by a third party and the police in the video look unaware that they are being recorded. The video was uploaded to Reddit and the comment section has not taken the situation likely.

The recent death of George Floyd shed the police brutality and racism still existing in the world today. The BlackLivesMatter and George Floyd protests have started to gather traction across multiple cities in the United States. The comment section even gave tips on where you can report police brutality. There is also a separate Reddit thread callred r/2020PoliceBrutality for people to report these happenings.

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Although peaceful protests have started out with good intentions, malicious individuals have been able to take advantage of the situation and start looting not just public property but even private property.

The looters have even gone as far as destroying their fellow black-owned small businesses which are in no way related to the main focus of the protest. The protest started out to protest police brutality and demand that justice is given towards the family of George Floyd for the unlawful murder of a man who was only allegedly detained for "forgery" which has not even been proven.

The death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd has even pushed the national guard to handle the looting that has gone out of hand. During this process, arrests of individuals vandalizing, stealing, and destroying of both private and public property have been increasing.

Both sides are outraged as the protesters want the law to be upheld but the looters themselves are breaking the law making it hard for the police to properly function and govern the city.

The death of George Floyd is a reminder that BlackLivesMatter and also pointed out the flaws in the justice system.

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