[Video] Minneapolis Looters Destroy Sports Bar as Small Business Owner Watched Helplessly: GoFundMe Helped Him Make More Than $250K

Recently, a certain George Floyd died from police brutality which rippled into a chain of events resulting to riots and later on the looting of certain establishments. The looting has evolved as some individuals take advantage of the public outrage in order to steal for their own personal endeavors which has nothing to do with justice.

In the midst of all the chaos happening on the streets of Minneapolis, an unlucky sports bar owner had his heart shattered as looters suddenly came inside his business and destroying everything that both he and his wife had tirelessly worked hard for.

The owner's name is Korboi Bella and his dream sports bar was set to open up in March but the whole pandemic had postponed his plans. The bar was not yet functional when looters decided to break in and destroy and steal anything they could lay their hands on.


The owner, heartbroken by the whole situation, decided to try out GoFundMe in hopes of making at least a fraction of his losses in order to make his dream come true in the future. Luckily, it seems like the people on GoFundMe took his story with much importance and people started donating to him.

Korboi Bella was able to raise more than $250,000 from his GoFundMe as assistance to help him rebuild his Sports Bar, which was a black-owned business, when things die down. GoFundMe was Korboi Bella's way of making up for the damaged property. Luckily, he was successful.

The video of Korboi Bella crying was uploaded to Twitter narrating how he worked hard for the business and how crushed he was that looters took it away from him while the streets are still crying out for the justice of George Floyd.

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What happened

It was narrated in a post on Facebook that people were breaking in trying to steal the safe and everything was happening in broad daylight. As everyone is still damaged from the death of George Floyd, the post says that everything has gone out of hands saying that the looters started shouting "F*** businesses they have insurance" but apparently, the Sports Bar that had yet to open did not.


The whole situation has gone out of hand and as seen on the video, the streets are now filled with smoke and debris from property burned and destroyed by the looters which have nothing to do with the justice of George Floyd.

The post also noted that the neighborhood is no longer a safe place for children since the looters have destroyed and burned down everything with crimes becoming rampant in broad daylight while people are crying out for justice for George Floyd.

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