Police Bodycam Audio Reveals George Floyd's "Murder" was Premeditated by Derek Chauvin, Says Lawyer

George Floyd's family lawyer has said that the death of the innocent man in the hands of a US police officer was "premeditated murder". The Minneapolis policeman with his knee on the innocent man's throat is Derek Chauvin and has been charged with a strong third-degree murder, but according to lawyer Benjamin Crump's statement to CBS News, it was actually a case of first-degree murder!

The lawyer said that he thought there was absolute intent to kill George Floyd due to the police officer pressing on his neck for almost nine minutes even while the man was begging and pleading just for him to breathe.

Police bodycam audio

In the interview with CBS, lawyer Benjamin Crump said that since the audio from the police bodycam has become heard, it is clear that this is now evidence of first-degree murder. In the audio, one officer says that George Floyd does not have a pulse and that maybe they should "turn him on his side" but shockingly, Derek Chauvin actually says "no, we're going to keep him in this position." The lawyer noted this as a form of intent!

Accompanying this is the fact that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin also kept his knee on the poor man's neck for almost three whole minutes even after the man was already unconscious and was in no way resisting arrest.

The lawyer also revealed that Derek Chauvin was also an off-duty police officer at a place where George Floyd worked as a security guard which meant that they had to overlap. This information was notified by the owner of the club itself.

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Looting, riots, protest

From protests to riots to looting, the whole situation has flipped upside down with looters no longer discerning which is an expression of justice and which is anarchy. Several black-owned businesses have also been affected by the looting with the owners crying out saying that it is no longer a march for #blacklivesmatter.

The situation has gotten unsafe for children to walk on the street and even the National Guard has been deployed to take care of the situation which is getting out of hand. Even businesses that have no affiliation with anything that is happening like Amazon, Target, and even Apple have been victims of the looters.

A video recently uploaded to Twitter shows young people destroying several police cars and also looting at least one store. There have been reports of extreme violence in West Philadelphia according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The report also said that some police cars were even set ablaze in outrage!


The video is only one of many that showcase the outrage and how looting and riots have been getting out of hand and seem unrelated to the death of George Floyd. The family has been struggling to get justice while the protesters are pushing the movement but looters have tainted their reputation.

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