Pokemon GO's Temporary Bonuses will Stay Due to COVID-19

Pokemon GO's Temporary Bonuses will Stay Due to COVID-19
Pokemon GO's Temporary Bonuses will Stay Due to COVID-19 Photo : David Grandmougin

Pokemon GO is a game that took the world by storm when it first launched last 2016. Using a mobile device's GPS, it gives players the experience of locating, capturing, battling, and training virtual creatures known as Pokemon. Unlike other RPG games, the game requires players to explore the real world and look for Pokemon that "appears" in our actual world through the magic of augmented reality.

With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc, many industries around the world are continually being affected. And the gaming industry is no exception. Most games that employ augmented reality have been significantly affected. Since most people were restricted to go outside for non-essential needs, players cannot simply go to their nearest parks and other places to play such games like Pokemon GO.

However, the company behind the game made sure that its players can still have an enjoyable experience while playing the game by releasing an update. Certain temporary in-game changes will remain in effect until, hopefully, everything goes back to normal.

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Pokemon GO changes

Last September 29th, an update was released by the Pokemon Company on its website. The said update made mention of the changes that were incorporated into the game, as well as other features that will remain for the time being. This is to ensure that players can still safely play Pokemon GO.

Here are the temporary bonuses that will continue to remain in the game.

  • For players' first Pokémon catch of the day, they will still receive thrice the amount of Stardust and XP.
  • The duration of Incense will still take effect for exactly an hour.
  • Players' Item Bag can still carry a maximum of 20 gift items.
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There will also be certain changes that will affect the core gameplay. This includes the effectiveness of Incense, how getting a gift from a PokeStop works, and Hatch Distances.

  • Incense's effectiveness will only be triggered while players are walking.
  • Upon spinning a PokéStop, there will still be a higher chance of getting a Gift. The catch though is that it doesn't automatically guarantee that players will get a Gift.
  • Once per day, players' Buddy Pokémon will bring Gifts only they have nearly run out.
  • Eggs will have a normal Hatch Distance.

By Thursday, October 1, 2020, these changes will be implemented. This will occur right before the Pokemon Go Paris Fashion Week event. Remote raiding will still remain together with changes made to GO Battle League. Players can also spin Photo Discs at Gyms and PokeStops at an increased distance.

At the end of the day, we hope everything goes back to the way it was before. But for the time being, we're thankful that there are companies who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure we can enjoy their products and services in a safe environment.

Going outside and going to crowded places still pose various risks. Since Pokemon Go relies on having a real-world adventure outside of the confines of our homes, it's nice that the company behind it is making steps that help in ensuring everyone's safety.

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