Best Samsung Tablets: Superb Options for Every User

Best Samsung Tablets: Superb Options for Every User
Best Samsung Tablets: Superb Options for Every User Photo : Brooke Lark

The best Samsung tablets for your hard-earned money are listed below. We've considered various factors such as price, performance, usability, and overall user experience. As always, there is no such thing as a perfect device since different users have different preferences. So far, we're still yet to hear from a company that is able to cover every consumer's wants and needs.

Three best Samsung tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Our first candidate has a 12.4-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. It comes with an S Pen stylus that magnetically attaches itself to the tablet's back for changing if when not being used and has full keyboard support. This tablet also features a metal build. Quad speakers are also a nice addition. It's light and thin but despite the form factor, this portable computing device has awesome battery life. Users also have the option to use the desktop-like interface provided by DeX once you connect a compatible keyboard.

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For those who prefer a smaller and therefore more portable device, this might not be for you since it is quite large. We won't even recommend using the Galaxy Tab S7+ as a handheld device for extended periods of time.

It is expensive due to its feature set but its price is really worth it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Among the best Samsung tablets, this one sits in the middle. It has a more comfortable-to-hold build with an 11-inch LCD display. Despite the reduced size compared to the + version, its screen still has the same 120Hz refresh rate. RAM stays the same too at 6GB. Storage options vary from 128GB to 512GB. And don't forget the quad speakers. The Galaxy Tab S7 has those too. Due to its smaller size, the battery has also become smaller at 8,000mAh. But don't be fooled. The tablet's batter life is also quite good.

At just 6.3mm thick and weighing 498 grams, the Galaxy Tab S7 features a sophisticated aluminum design. Like its bigger brother, it too can use an external keyboard and has DeX desktop mode if you need to focus more on getting things done.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This was the company's offering last year. By tech terms, a one-year old device is already old. However, it doesn't mean the previous year's models are already outdated and obsolete. At much a lower price, the Galaxy Tab S6 is among the best Samsung tablets out there.

It's a lightweight 10.5-inch tablet that also has support for the mighty S Pen. Once you connect a first-party keyboard, it gives you the similar DeX desktop interface. The screen doesn't have a 120Hz refresh rate but the 2560x1600 resolution is already enough to stay glued to its screen for hours.

Since it's no longer Samsung's latest model, it's widely available at discounted prices.

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