Twitch Adds Two Star Streamers on their Banned and Suspended List

Game Tournament, 2019
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Online streaming platform and social media Twitch added two prominent players on its temporarily banned and suspended list. Former eSports athlete and pro Overwatch player Felix Lengyel, o more known as "xQc" , and David Hunt aka "GrandPooBear" in the gaming community are both currently banned and suspended for six months after showing 'unruly' behaviors involving cheating during a Fall Guys tournament last November 14.

The Fall Guys tournament was part of the Twitch Rivals tournaments series from the substitute event in lieu of Twitch's annual 'TwitchCon' - a convention event organized by Twitch that happens once in Northern America and once in Europe every year.

Now called the 'GlitchCon' where a 12-hour virtual convention was held instead, notable players and video game personalities all around the world have participated in the said event. The event ran from 12pm to 12 am and really went all out for straight 12 hours.

There were talent shows judged by prominent personalities, and the two main tournaments of the event were for the Fortnite and Fall Guys games. Famous streamers and personalities were invited to participate especially in the tournaments for both games.

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Two Stars might lose their Shine

xQc and GrandPooBear joined the Fall Guys tournament, in which both of the star streamers were determined by Twitch to have "stream sniped." Stream sniping is the act of players who are watching another competitor's stream in which they could use as basis to strategize their next move to gain advantage ahead the game. The suspension of the two became effective immediately. They will also lose all the prize money they gained from the tournament.

This is GranPooBear's first time to be banned in the streaming platform. However, xQc already found himself a place on Twitch's banning system in the past. Gaming website DOT esports revealed that he was banned several times, with watching "sexually suggestive" videos as the main reason of his suspensions.

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Last September prior to the suspension of the two, another star streamer faced issues concerning his behavior on the platform. Calvin Lee Vail, or known as "LeafyIsHere" or "Leafy" received a permanent ban from Twitch. Though there was no reason given for his ban, it seems that Leafy's "offensive and insensitive" streaming nature, according to fans, viewers and critics was likely the basis of his removal for Twitch.

Before Leafy's ban, the most known permanent ban so far was given to former streamer Herschel beahm IV, with the moniker "Dr. disrespect." Like Leafy, there was no stated reason upon his removal.

A player's behavior during games, especially on special events and tournaments are strictly observed by the streaming platform itself, as well as the tournament organizers and game developers themselves. This includes ethics towards a player's approach to fellow players, in which today is referred as "bashing". Rude, bad and insulting words are very much prohibited in games and streams. This applies to streamers and viewers as well. And of course, cheating in any form like in any events is strictly unallowed.

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