Nintendo Switch Continues Reign as Top Console; A Month Shy from Possible Two-Year Dynasty

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata
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Nintendo Switch continues to reign as the bestselling game console for 23 straight months . No other console has beaten this streak, with only a month shy from becoming a two-year dynasty of the Japanese video game company's latest prized treasure.

From the day of its release, Nintendo already sold a massive 68 million units of Nintendo Swicth in the globe. 22.5 million units from it were sold in the US. Data from the NPD shows almost 800,000 units (combination of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite) were shipped to the US just this October.

The Senior Vice President of Sales of the Nintendo of America Nick Chavez via The Verge mentioned that the company is excited with their momentum, and that they have seen an unprecedented demand of the console all throughout the whole 2020.

One of the biggest effects that may be seen as a somewhat a 'plus' from a business or developer's side and perspective brought by the lockdown during the pandemic is the enormous rise on sales in the overall video game industry.

And with the Xbox Series X and PS5 just hitting their launch this November, Nintendo Switch being the latest console released before the pandemic almost did not see any competitors. The Xbox and PlayStation predecessors Xbox One and PS4 were both released just long ago before Switch making it easier for it to dominate sales amidst the pandemic.

The Close to a Two-Year Reign Already Began Before Pandemic

Yet it is not just about the circumstances today that made Switch successful as ever. Games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons were instant superstar games this year after rocking the Switch era, and now has sold more than 22 million copies worldwide. Fans and critics labeled it as fun, chill and the real-life simulation aspects of the game is just entertaining. A special version of Switch that was themed from the game was released in the early part of the year. Yet its return on the market on October 4 marked another wave of massive sales for the Switch console.

It was hailed as Japan's Game of the Year in the Japan Game Awards. Now it is nominated in the prestigious The Game Awards 2020 on three awards, including the most coveted Game of the Year award.

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Another factor for its popularity is the fact that it could be played anywhere. Unlike Xbox and PlayStation where a tv is needed for someone to play, the mobility of Switch makes another difference. Even before the pandemic where people today are mostly staying at homes, the Switch already is so popular because of its not so big size, especially the Switch Lite. And players can use it while riding a car, the train station, bus, in school, office, restaurants, or just anywhere.

This month, the video game console charts could see new competitors making expected or unexpected sales movements. Nintendo Switch's reign could be put to an end if the newer consoles will dominate, but no one could deny that Switch really turned on players' delight in playing video games.

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