LG G4 UX teased ahead of official debut (VIDEO)

By April Taylor , Apr 06, 2015 09:16 AM EDT

LG is now showing off another piece of the LG G4 puzzle ahead of the big unveiling, this time teasing the user experience (UX).

The next-generation LG G4 flagship smartphone is expected to make its debut late this month, on April 28, and the company has already started teasing the device to boost excitement.

Just a few days ago, LG showed off its new 5.5-inch QHD LCD display, confirming that it will grace its upcoming flagship when it arrives later this month. The company is now at it again, this time revealing the flagship's special UX.

According to LG, version 4.0 of its UX is now even more "human-centered," swiftly anticipating what information the user might need, in addition to allowing them to customize their smartphone's UX.

LG's latest UX will also bring a number of new features to the table, aiming to maximize the experience and make everything smarter and simpler. A neat new feature called Quick Shot, for instance, will allow users to quickly take a picture simply by pressing the volume down twice, even when the phone is still locked. Moreover, the new UX will also bring four user modes for the camera, including an Expert mode that should particularly attract DSLR fans.

A Smart Alert feature, meanwhile, will make suggestions regarding what kind of activities the user might enjoy based on the weather and their preferences. If it's a sunny day, for instance, Smart Alert might suggest a nice walk, a bike ride, or some other activity, depending on the user's hobbies.

A new Calendar app will allow users to drag and drop events from social networks such as Facebook, so they can more easily schedule what they want. At the same time, a new Smart Board feature will collect relevant information from sources such as calendars, health, and music, and display them all in a single screen so you can check them all out.

Another neat feature called Ring ID, meanwhile, will allow users to assign different ringtones for specific contacts, so they know who's calling without having to look at the phone.

Lastly, LG also updated its Gallery app, now allowing users to see their photos organized by date or location, as they prefer. To get a better glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming LG G4 flagship's UX, check out the video below.

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