New 'God Of War 4' Progression System Lets Players Build Kratos In A Unique Way; Game's Anger Meter Explained

When Sony finally unveiled "God of War 4" at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, almost all fans in the world rejoiced. After all, their love towards Kratos seems to be irreplaceable. But of course, since then, lots of questions regarding its gameplay and whatnots have been thrown -- one in particular is the so-called Progression System. Here is what the studio has to say about it, along with the Anger Meter feature.

According to SegmentNext, the video game company will introduce a new "God of War 4" Progression System. In all general sense, it will be a lot more flexible. It will not only focus on Kratos alone, but will include his son as well. And most certainly, the trailer somehow projects it.

The upcoming "God of War 4" will feature the aforementioned system in a very unique way. It will let players build their own Kratos, something that can be different from any other. This will deviate from the usual thing of seeing him levelling up and/or getting the same abilities over and over again.

In one way or another, Sony finds the new Progression System quite fitting to "God of War 4" than the rest in the series. That it can completely magnify the overall experience of what an open-world gaming style should be.

It is worth noting that "God of War 4" introduces a Kratos wielding an axe, a complete turn from his titular Blade of Chaos. For most fan, the latter is what he is most remembered of.

Meanwhile, "God of War 4" will also include an angrier Kratos -- something that he has carried all throughout the series. Movie News Guide reports that the upcoming game will introduce the so-called Anger Meter. And as the name suggests, it allows players to control the character's rage - if need be.

Simply put, the "God of War 4" Anger Meter is at the gamers' discretion. It is up to them as when they will use it, or if they even opt to use it.

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