Snapchat Offends Users With Yellowface, Takes Down Filter

By Jaswin Singh , Aug 11, 2016 06:46 AM EDT

Snapchat is in the middle of criticisms after releasing an offending filter users called "Yellowface". People were saying it was promoting stereotypes against Asian people and their features with the bucktooth and squinty eyes.

Snapchat was under a lot of fire a couple of months ago too when they released a "Bob Marley" filter honoring 4/20 or weed day. They put dreadlocks to the face of the people when the filter is being used. People were accusing them of doing a "blackface" with that one. This time, USA Today reported that many Twitter and Snapchat users were offended with the new filter or lens. Some tweeted that since Snapchat released a "Yellowface", they were asking as to when they are going to release a "blackface" one.

However, Snapchat defended their wrong and said it was anime-inspired. They also said they would never mock a race and all filters are meant to be playful. Amidst of all the criticism, they have already removed the filter in question.

Twitter user Grace was one of the first people who questioned Snapchat with their new filter. For her, she thought that Snapchat thinks it is okay to do that.  According to Wired, though Snapchat removed the racist filter, they still think there is nothing wrong with it. For them it is totally fine as it is just for fun. However, there is a deeper underlying concern that this presents.

The racial prejudice to Asian people is present with this one. The filter is telling people that it is fine to mock and ridicule Asian with it. This event also concerns the lack of diversity within companies, especially tech companies.

Snapchat is adored by many users especially with the younger generations. They love the different and creative filters it has. However, they do know when a filter is messed up. Tweets are saying they hope Snapchat will think through their lenses before releasing them to their users. 

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