Pokemon GO Guide: How To Efficiently Mass Evolve

By Alvin Elfwine , Aug 23, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

In Pokemon GO, mass evolution can be tricky in one way or another. Nevertheless, if done properly, it can reap satisfying results. After all, levelling up and/or acquiring XP as fast as possibly is of utmost importance. Moreover, the higher a player's level is, the better his chances are of catching Pokemon in the wild. Without further ado, here's a guide on how to effectively mass-evolve in the game.

Important Things To Remember In Pokemon GO Mass Evolve

First and foremost, Pokemon GO players need to understand that mass evolution is no moonlight and roses. If they hope to level-up from one to thirty, then they better sure have a total of at least 2 million experience points. But of course, this is something that you can't simply do in a week or so. Nonetheless, here's a guide that can help you double your XP and level-up fast.

Get Lots Of Poke Balls In Pokemon GO

Without a doubt, this should be the very first step needed in order to effectively conduct a Pokemon GO mass evolve. The goal is to acquire enough quantity of Poke Balls so as to catch more or less 228 Pidgeys. The number, however, will vary depending on a player's success rate.

Catch "X" Amount Of Pidgeys In Pokemon GO To Evolve

Pokemon GO players need to remember that this one here depends from to time. For instance, if you're able to catch 70 Pidgeys, you're likely to receive 210 Pidgey Candies. If you have doubled the amount of Pidgeys, then there's no doubt you'll get 420 Candies. In a sense, the more you have, the more you'll get.

Also, note that if you're able to catch around 158 more Pidgeys in Pokemon GO, you can always transfer them directly. Why? That's because doing so will result to a whopping 840 Pidgey Candies. Besides, you only need a minimum of 12 Pidgey Candies to evolve. Judging by the figures, that's more than enough. Note: Always double check that your Pidgeys are around 70 so as to acquire the aforesaid quantity of Pidgey Candies.

The Pidgey Evolution Trick In Pokemon GO

As soon as you decide to evolve Pidgeys in Pokemon GO, you need to do it right. When the game's evolution animation rolls, try to force close the game and open it again. Although it could depend on your connectivity, this trick here is proven to be a lot faster than waiting for the whole animation process to finish. Keep in mind, though, that you need not to stop until the whole 30 minutes (the time need to gain double experience) are up. If done properly and accordingly, you'll be treated to a staggering amount of 70,000 experience points!

What do you think about this Pokemon GO mass evolve guide? Any other tricks and/or tips you can share? Well, feel free to do so at the comment section below!

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