'Stranger Things' Tribute Game Available For Free Download For Windows, OS X And Linux

Picking up where I left off, I remember the last scenes from season 1 of Stranger Things to be a cliffhanger. As remembered, there was sort of a deal to give up Ellie (Eleven) to the authorities in exchange for a truce and entrance to the gateway to save Will, who was missing in action since episode 1, or was it episode 2? Anyway, commotion happened, shots fired, fighting the mysterious creature then faded to calmness. Will was rescued then had a happy dinner with family. At this point, Jonathan exits the dining table to go to the bathroom, he then gets a glimpse of the monster world, leaving viewers anticipate the horror that is yet to come.

Now that we are waiting for season 2, we can relive Netflix's Twilight Zone-like horror Stranger Things in the form of a short indie game. Dubbed 'Stranger Things Tribute Game', a point and click adventure game is developed by Infamous Quests (thanks, you guys!). People who already played it had an impression of it to be a portion of what is to be a much bigger videogame.

The tribute game features a single scene from Stranger Thing's first season. You got Chief Hopper, Callahan, Powell, and of course your favorite: Mr. Clarke. They are out in the woods trying to locate Will Byers, who you all know went missing from episode 1. You find a clue, something happens, then the game ends.

People digging into the Stranger Things 80s vibe would most likely dig the short but sweet tribute video game. I know Hopper fans like me completely dig this one.

A fan tweeted:

You can get a copy of Stranger Things' tribute game for MAC OS, Windows, and Linux by visiting here.

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