'Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour' Screenshots Leaked: Tribute to First-Person Shooter Game's 20th Anniversary

By Jupiter Isidro , Aug 29, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

'Hail to the king, baby!' 'Damn, I'm Good!' 'What are you waitin' for? Christmas?' -- A few nostalgic quotes from self-proclaimed sex machine of first person video game shooters, Duke Nukem. And yes, photo leakage as reported by a Reddit Post has proved rumors that he's back! A remaster of most if not all Duke Nukem games, rumored to be dubbed Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, is going to hit you hard!

As stated on the post, "These are official. This is a Duke 3D remaster. In many ways, you can look at this game as a Duke Nukem 3D remix as there will be a lot of new/original content added in as well. From my understanding, these screens are just a handful out of a bunch of press shots that will be coming out in the following days."

The new Duke Nukem game being teased is called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, a remaster/remix of Duke Nukem 3D being developed by Nerve Software. Screenshots included from Games

Feast your eyes on these! It's been a while since we've got into action with Duke Nukem and his babes, I mean kick-ass guns shooting at irrational aliens, mostly models of mutated wild pigs and other weird alien stuff you'd love to shoot.








Another Reddit post also suggests that the anticipated game will be called Duke World Tour:

Possible new game called "Duke's World Tour" from dukenukem

The speculation is also being fed further by their official website that some good treat is coming for us, Duke Nukem fans. Focus your browsers on that page, you will be in for a huge surprise, if you know what I mean, Duke Nukem fans!

As you can see, it's a countdown of something to commemorate Duke Nukem's 20th anniversary and what better way to celebrate that than to remaster them alien kick-butt games!

It is not confirmed, however, whether or not the countdown will produce Duke Nukem: World Tour / Duke World Tour but hopes are high that we will be in for a big treat, hey it's Duke's 20th anniversary, there should be guns, grenades, lasers, explosives, ships, trucks, Duke boots, and babes, right?

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