Pokemon Go Cheat: How To Install And Use Pokemon Go Joystick

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 02, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Pokemon Go Cheat apps like Pokemon Go Joystick seems to be unaffected by the Niantic ban. For players curious about this tool, here is a quick guide.

Pokemon Go Joystick - How Does It Work?

The Pokemon Go Joystick app is in its beta stage, according to Devs-lab. It uses Google map to track down player's GPS location as well as the Pokemon present in available in the area. The app has control button that works like joystick or arrow keys. Using the joystick will fool the GPS into thinking that the player is out exploring instead of sitting inside the comfort of their home.

Pokemon Go Joystick Distinct Features

- Players can go to any location in the Google map

- Niantic is on the lookout for GPS spoofing. Players can avoid that by setting the movement speed.

- Favorite locations could always be revisited by simply bookmarking them and loading them later.

- Players can use latitude and longitude coordinate to pick their starting location.

Pokemon Go Joystick Installation Guide and Requirement

- Android users will need to download and install Xposed Framework first before proceeding further.

- Download and install the Pokemon Go Joystick app.

- Open the Xposed Framework and proceed to Modules. Look for the "Pokemon Go Joystick" module and click it.

- Restart the Android smartphone

- Players can now use the Pokemon Go Joystick app.

- Initialize the cheat app by turning the master switch on and set the movement speed. Player should not forget to tap on the Open/Close joystick tab.

- Player is now ready to start Pokemon Go using the Joystick app

One word of caution, player who used the Pokemon Go Joystick outside of their country can be detected and get the ban from Niantic. The app has some bugs which the author promised to iron out in later releases.

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