Pokemon Go Tips: Slingshot Method Easiest Way To Track, Catch Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Go players can now track and catch Pokemon in a much more efficient way. Users of the Slingshot method have claimed that it is the best one yet.

Better Than Three Point Circle

Pokemon Go veterans usually track and capture a wild Pokemon using the "circle or three point circle method". Reddit user SooperNoodle also insists the Slingshot method is a bit better than "improved sightings tracking method" posted by another Reddit user.

Slingshot Method Steps

1. The Slingshot requires imagining a circle of at least 200 meter radius. Some knowledge of geometry is also required. SoperNoodle was gracious enough to provide a visual aid here.

2. Once a Pokemon sighting has been established, player will need to step back to the edge of the imaginary circle. Player should not forget the spot both on the map and actual location. For reference, note the location of the yellow star on the visual aid.

3. Player will then need to walk back for another 20 meters and circle around the edge point both in the left and right direction. Again for reference, this action is represented by the dark arrows in the drawing. It doesn't need to be exact. A simple approximation will do.

4. If the Pokemon sighting re-appears, player has now pinpointed the two points of the circle's edge and center location. By this time, player now has a rough idea where the Pokemon is located.

5. Player will now need to imagine a line between the two points. From that center line, trainer will walk at least 200 meters to catch the Pokemon.


This method work 80 percent of the time, according to the Reddit poster. This requires a bit of practice but players will have no problem catching Pokemon once they get hang of the Slingshot method.

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