Why November Will Mark The End Of Fun For Most Overwatch Players

Blizzard finally releases the newest Overwatch update and it provided players with numerous in-game features, revamped mechanics, bug fixes and balances. But there's one feature that stands out from the rest, it's the first co-op PvE brawl of the game: Junkenstein's Revenge.

The Overwatch update just went live and it seems that all of the players are now rooted to the newest Halloween feature considering that solo queuing doesn't take much of waiting. This update certainly is a breakthrough for Blizzard's Overwatch and its successful run left some of players wondering, "Can this be adopted as a permanent feature?"

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge

The newest Overwatch PvE brawl is a sort of "base defense" where you have to survive for a staggering seven minutes against a wave of swarming enemies. Do not fret though as you'll be teaming up with other 4 members to which you, and vice versa, must maintain communication with in order to survive the match.

It is important to note though that each Overwatch player is only limited to using one of these four characters during the match: McCree, Ana, Hanzo and Soldier 76. So you might want to improve your hero pool if you're not playing at least one of these but wants to experience the newest PvE feature.

The Overwatch brawl requires a lot of coordination and communication from the team as each player holds an essential part for the survival of the team. New challenges, including bosses, keep on swarming the map as time passes by. It sounds hard at first but the game was made easier upon Blizzard's addition of a key feature in the user's interface. During the game, you can now see your team's health and ultimate status which is certainly a game-changer for most people (especially for those that have played MMORPG like WoW).

To many, the newest Overwatch PvE brawl is one of the best modes that was added into the game and because of this, a lot of players are looking for the permanent addition of this feature. But until the voice of the masses are heard by the top execs of Blizzard, we will be sending our goodbyes for the Overwatch Halloween event especially Junkenstein's Revenge by November 1.

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