Nintendo NX Update: Retail Partner Leaks Nintendo NX Specs, Appearance, Retail Price, Features

By Benjie Batanes , Oct 15, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Nintendo NX suggested selling price, possible specs and package appearance have been reportedly leaked by a major Nintendo retail partner via Reddit. Many of the details have confirmed earlier speculations and rumors about the upcoming Nintendo gaming platform.

Nintendo NX Promo And General Details

One Nintendo NX promotional poster reads, "Interact with your on the go." The upcoming gaming platform is being co-branded with an upcoming Mario game, according to gamesbulletin. Retail stores will have the demo units by Feb. of next year. The Nintendo NX retail price has been disclosed and the bundled package will include at least four new games.

Nintendo NX Package Look

The Nintendo NX box is reportedly a little bit bigger than the Wii U and a color theme of white and blue. However, the part of the box where Nintendo describes the hardware specs has been blurred.

Nintendo NX Rumored Specs & Features

Nintendo NX games will also have 4K streaming capabilities but not with respect to its games. The upcoming platform can play streaming contents in 4K resolution. The NX can play games with 1080p resolution and those that run at 60 fps.

Nintendo NX Suggested Retail Price

The Nintendo NX base price is reported to be around $300. A unit bundled with four game cartridges will cost around $400. Release date is expected to be on March 2017.

Nintendo Duo Rumor - Fake

A rumor was started about the NX being renamed to Nintendo Duo. An alleged image was posted at 2Chan, a Japan-based message board. The Nintendo Duo rumor also spread via Twitter. However, this rumor was quickly debunked when another user posted how quickly such image can be reproduced.

No doubt a lot of Nintendo NX rumors will come out as the release date approaches. But these leaks that came out via Reddit seemed credible enough. Once Nintendo rolls out its newest gaming platform to retailers, more concrete information will come out.

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