MacBook Pro 2016 Features Touchscreen Display And 4K Resolution

There will always be a hype of rumors and speculations every time Cupertino tech giant Apple gives hints that they will be releasing a new product. Most Surely, Apple fans and enthusiasts would truly want to get their hands on the latest upcoming MacBook Pro. There is no denying now that a newer, more enhanced MacBook Pro is on its way. A lot of people considers the MacBook Pro to be a timeless gadget. This is because of the fact that its value does not depreciate immediately, and its features and added perks are always useful for any person who uses it.

MacBook Pro hitting stores relatively 'soon'

Now that it has been confirmed that there will be a 2016 version of the MacBook Pro, people truly need to know what the new features and specifications are to convince these users to want to upgrade their machines. As previously announced, Apple is going to hold a press conference this month, where it will most definitely reveal some updated products in its Mac line-up. With that said, the speculated upgrades for the MacBook Pro 2016 seems to be very promising.

Highlight features

The MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be a comprehensively redesigned version of any MacBook Pro, along with some special perks like a secondary touchscreen display placed over the standard keyboard. This secondary touchscreen display house a number of customizable function keys, which will feature a variety of keys that depends on which application is being used. With this incorporated in the new Mac, there would definitely be a whole new range of functionality for MacBook Pro users.

Specs and other features

The MacBook Pro 2016 will also be including 13 and 15-inch variants, which will come with a support for 4K resolution, a Kaby Lake processor, a Force touch trackpad, USB-C Ports, and a Touch ID. Just imagine the power.


As for its physical features, the most highlighted report says that that the Mac Pro 2016 will be much slimmer, encased in an aluminum casing. The Price has still not yet been confirmed. But people would definitely agree that the upcoming MBP 2016 would come relatively cheap.

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