The MacBook Pro 2016 Will Be The Smartest Laptop Ever Made

By Staff writer , Oct 17, 2016 04:32 AM EDT

A Twitter user has rekindled the rumors of an October 27 Apple MacBook launch event, explaining that he was offered accessories for a new version of Apple flagship laptop.

A Tweet ignited it yet again

Zee M. Kane, whose Twitter handle is @Zee, is a digital media brand advisor and former CEO of The Next Web, a technology-oriented website. In a fresh tweet posted earlier today, he stated: "Just got an email from a company with an offer to pre-order their MacBook sleeves designed for the new MacBooks to be released on the 27th."

The MacBook sleeves

The MacBook sleeves are produced by Waterfield and are manufactured in a small workshop in Apple's home turf, San Francisco, CAL. According to more sources getting involved, these sleeves are called the Maxwell Sleeve and are available for pre-orders before the much-anticipated October 27 release. There will be a total of four color options: black, blue, red, and green. An optional suspension strap will also be featured. With all these speculations and rumor swirling, we just can help but be excited about the latest release of the newest MacBook, which is also said to be the smartest laptop ever made.

 October 27 - Mark your calendars

Apple has been widely speculated to be planning a launch event for a new version of MacBook on October 27. With that, it has also been anticipated that invitations will be flying out within the next few days. The said event would be held, still, in San Francisco

What makes the 2016 Mac the smartest laptop ever?

Like what most excited fans are hoping for, the new MacBook will debut along with a major redesign. Probably one of the most highly-anticipated rumors about the upcoming Mac is the keyboard. It has been said that the top row function keys will be replaced with a much modern touch-sensitive OLED strip that will feature customizable buttons and notifications. Speculations have also been talking about the addition of a USB-C, much like the 12-inch MacBook, as well as a new AMD Polaris GPU. All these features just confirm that the MacBook Pro 2016 would definitely be the smartest laptop to date. But all remains to be seen.

No confirmation from Apple

Despite all the hyped rumors, Apple hasn't confirmed any of it, so it is much advised that readers take this report with some caution. All will be answered in due time. All we have to do now is to wait a little bit longer.

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