Battlefield 1 Teases Hardcore Multiplayer Mode And More

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Oct 18, 2016 10:56 AM EDT

Even before the official release date of the game on Oct. 21, the game modes in Battlefield 1 have been revealed ahead of its set time. Gamers who played the EA Access trial may have noticed a dedicated page for custom games set under the multiplayer mode.  It was a page that remained blank until Battlefield 1 went live in New Zealand and Australia.

An Attentive User Notices The New Modes

Reddit user FOGofGAMING provided the initial screenshot of the two new game modes available on the game menu. In the screenshot, both of the game modes are tagged as "coming soon." One of the game modes is noted as a fan-favorite among DICE, the Hardcore Multiplayer mode, and another one that lives up to its name of being unclear in nature, the Fog of War mode, which has few details as of this time.

Both modes are inactive at the moment. No other details are available even if gamers are to click any or both of the images. The developers themselves made no mention of the said modes even in a press conference, leaving gamers to guess about its availability sometime in the future.

Speculations On The New Modes

Still, gamers are not without any idea of the newly teased modes. For one, the Hardcore mode has been considered a staple of the franchise. With this mode on, players have less health when they go to battle, the damages are more intense, the battle more difficult and the mini-map feature is disabled. In simpler terms, the Hardcore mode makes the game more realistic.

In the case of the Fog of War mode, gamers are not entirely clueless. Battlefield 1 has one of the best weather effects among any other online shooter game. Fog is not a new weather condition. But instead of just a few minutes, the new Fog of War mode might challenge Battlefield 1 gamers for a gameplay that is foggy all throughout.

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