Pokemon Sun And Moon Coolest Features Teased By Demo

Pokemon Sun And Moon Coolest Features Teased By Demo
The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is out, revealing a lot of details that we can all look forward to. Photo : The Official Pokemon Channel/Youtube

Many are now enjoying the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo. Lucky for them, they get to play ahead of anyone else. Though us who can only watch and read updates are sort of in luck, too, as the demo leaked a lot of cool features in the upcoming game.

1. Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ash-Pikachu

This might be an Ash-Greninja sort of thing. Pokemon Sun and Moon demo data miners discovered Pikachu with a hat - various hats reminiscent that of the iconic headwear of Ash. Though the adorable Pokemon certainly looks cool, it is unknown what magic the hat holds. Will we get a Pikachu with boost in stats? The internet is unsure as of now.

2. Pokémon Sun And Moon: Z-Moves

In the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game, Z-moves are the new Mega Evolutions. This makes every Pokemon included in the title to have a good chance in battles.

"The reason we've introduced Z-Moves this time around is to really broaden the range of Pokémon that people feel like they can use in battles," game director Shigeru Ohmori explained. "Perhaps there were some Pokémon previously that weren't so usable or weren't so popular among trainers, but now we've got these Z-moves, which are really powerful moves that ANY Pokémon can use."

3. Pokémon Sun And Moon: HMs Aren't As Annoying

According to Destructoid, some HMs have been removed because you would not actually have to be limited anymore. You can summon any of the four Ride Pokemon you registered on the D-Pad to help you through an obstacle. This means that no more teaching your creatures some moves just to go past that one obstacle. You can straight-up call a Pokemon that is best suited for the job.

The report also noted that you can use any of the Ride Pokemon to travel faster. You can actually ride a Tauros in travelling Alola without needing to walk like a peasant.

4. Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun and Moon demo data miners have discovered that we will soon meet eight Ultra Beasts. These Pokemon certainly don't look like Alola natives. Actually, it doesn't look like that they are from Earth at all. They must be from some other planet, because those looks are certainly alien - but cool, nonetheless. It is still unknown how they will play out into the story. What are their motives? What are they doing in Alola? Will we get to find out? I hope so.

5. Pokémon Sun And Moon: Alola Forms

Have you met the Alolan Dugtrio? The Pokemon now sports blonde locks with each head having a different hairstyle than the others. This surfer Dugtrio is not the only one getting the Alola treatment, though. Earlier in the year, we were treated to the icy forms of Vulpix and Ninetales. We also got to meet the now dragon type Exeggutor. Now, we witness the chubbier version of Persian, Meowth's evolution. There are also others who received major makeovers and so far, only Gen 1 Pokemon have been seen having Alolan forms.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to launch on Nov. 18. Are you excited yet?

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