Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Reveals Alola Dugtrio With Golden Locks

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo revealed another iconic Pokemon getting an Alolan form: Dugtrio. The Generation 1 Pokemon got a new hair-do to match the tropical region.

The previously bald Dugtrio now sport golden locks, with each head having different hairstyles. The internet promptly responded with the same zeal towards the Alola form of Exeggutor. It is not exactly as fabulous as the icy forms of Vulpix and Sandshrew, but it got everybody talking.

Pokemon Sun And Moon's Alola Dugtrio Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Twitter was particularly active when Pokemon Sun and Moon's Alola Dugtrio was revealed. Users came up with various takes on the new look of the monster; some likened it to the Kardashian sisters while others pegged it for a shampoo commercial.

Per Kotaku, Pokemon Sun and Moon's Alola Dugtrio having long blonde hair makes sense. Alola is based on Hawaii and the region is popular for its surfing waves. Although this does not imply that Dugtrio is capable of surfing, it perfectly explains the appearance.

Some called the photo fake, but user ruiisuD posted a video afterwards casting off all doubts. The Alola Dugtrio now sits beside other peculiar Alolan forms such as the ghostly Meowth, the Exeggutor with elongated neck and the colorful Muk.

Pokemon Sun And Moon New Pokemon Leaked

Meanwhile, a new creature from Pokemon Sun and Moon has been leaked. The mysterious Pokemon was spotted in a Pokemon Trading Card Game set in Amazon, iDigitalTimes reported. Not much is known for now, but it is believed to be a water type as it seems to be underwater.

As Pokemon Sun and Moon nears its launch date of Nov. 18, more and more Pokemon are being teased. Most are strange, some are cute and others are downright creepy. Right now, there is no telling what craziness the devs will pull next.

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