Michael Schumacher Health Condition Updates: F1 Racer Not Getting Any Better; Family Seeks Continuance Of Privacy

By Marion Villareal , Oct 19, 2016 04:44 PM EDT

F1 racer Michael Schumacher is not doing any better than before and he is allegedly deteriorating instead of healing. His family continually asks for their privacy as they deal with this serious matter.

Michael Schumacher's Accident In 2013 Changed His And His Family's Life Forever

The F1 legend Michael Schumacher had an accident while skiing back in December 3013 and ever since then, his and his family's life has never been the same. He suffered severe damages to his brain that was led by the accident, and is now currently in vegetative state because of it. He has been recovering for almost three years now and still, an official announcement on his condition hasn't been made yet. His family continues to push the public to not focus on Michael's health, as it is already harder than it currently is.

Schumacher Family To File A Lawsuit Against German Publication For Irresponsible Reporting

In line with people trying to find out what his current condition is, publishing companies have tried to make their ways into the Schumacher family's lives in the hopes to get an answer. When a German publication released a statement in September that Michael could walk again, this angered his wife and threatened to file a lawsuit against the publication for reporting false statements that were never from the family itself. According to Schumacher's manager, the report was deemed very irresponsible, forcing the family to release an official statement on his real condition.

Will The F1 Racer Ever Have His Normal Life Back If And When He Recovers?

Michael Schumacher is still unable to stand or walk, even with the help of his therapist. Earlier on, it has been reported that he is reacting to his surroundings; crying when he sees his family sad, and feels like he already understands them. This led the people to believe that he will be okay soon, but it has been confirmed that it would be a miracle for the racer to have his life go back to normal.

Nevertheless, his friends and family have not given up on him and have continued to pray for his recovery.

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