2 Reasons Why A Lot Of Fans Are Disappointed By EA DICE Battlefield 1

EA Dice has recently announced on their official page that a new feature will be added in Battlefield 1. The newly added feature was dubbed "Rent-a-Server Program" which allows players to own and customize their private and public Battlefield 1 servers for a period of time (until the rent expires). The studio emphasized that the rented servers will be hosted exclusively by EA which they claim will "secure the quality of the actual hardware."

A lot of fans have mix opinions on the new mode until recently, when the price of the rental servers were revealed, that the community became outrageously disappointed by EA DICE. Based on the article from PC Gamer, the prices of private servers ranges from $2.99 to $149.99. The price depends on the number of days the server is to be rented.

In case you missed it, here is the complete price list of renting a private server:


1 Day: $2.99
7 Days: $11.99
30 Days: $42.99
90 Days: $99.99
180 Days: 149.99

PlayStation 4/Xbox One

1 Day: $1.99
7 Days: $7.99
30 Days: $26.99
90 Days: $64.99
180 Days: $99.99

As you can see, most of the fans are disappointed by the insane cost of renting a server. It would seem like EA Dice is squeezing every bit of cash that its community has, as they take advantage of the amount of hype that Battlefield 1 is getting.

No matter how you see it, renting a server is extremely costly for an average consumer. If you would like to rent a server to customize your own game for you and your friends to play, you might want to stockpile every bit of cash that your peers have since you would likely go for the longer rental period.

Aside from the costly server, another crucial feature is missing on the "Rent-A-Server Program." It seems that EA Dice has yet to provide a Kick/Ban option for a server owner which undeniably is vital especially if you would like to block someone from playing your game - be it a hacker or an annoying user. With the latest hacking issues plaguing the game, it's surprising that EA Dice has yet to come up with preventive measures to help resolve or even mitigate the problem.

In light of the Ban/Kick option, there's still good news for all the Battlefield 1 fans, however, as EA Dice has this to say: "One of the top requested features if [sic] the Kick/Ban feature. We hear you and are working on rolling that out after the launch of the [Rental Server Program]."

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