Nintendo Switch Revealed: Can It Take On PlayStation 4 Pro & Microsoft Project Scorpio?

Nintendo Switch (formerly NX) has finally been revealed to the world on October 20. The question is can Nintendo's upcoming game platform take on the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox Project Scorpio?

Nintendo Switch Moves To Keep Up With Rivals

It has been rumored that the Nintendo Switch has an upgraded hardware ahead of the PS4 Pro and Microsoft Project Scorpio. Based on the Switch promo video, that's not hard to believe. Nintendo officials claim that Switch is using "industry-leading chips" coming from AMD. However the exact specs have yet to be made public.

Nintendo's current gaming platform, the Wii U did not have the necessary hardware muscle to compete with the likes PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the Switch has the specs to run 4K resolution graphics based on the rumors floating around on Twitter.

Both the Sony PS4 and Microsoft XboX Project Scorpio used optical disc and digital downloads for its games. However, it seems the Nintendo Switch will stick to the game cartridge. In the area of software development, Nintendo NX games can be developed with the use of Unity's Unreal Engine 4.

Nintendo Switch Has Impressive List of Game Developers

Nintendo is known for owning several game franchises such as Zelda, Mario and Pokemon. But many prominent developers have announced their support for the Switch. Many of them have developed games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Does this mean that most of the Non-Nintendo mainstream games will also make its way to the Switch platform? Industry observers however pointed out that the same developers also promised support to the Wii U but backed out eventually. Hopefully, this time they will push through with their promise.

Nintendo Switch Release Date

Nintendo has always maintained that the Switch (formerly NX) will be available in stores by March 2017. This upcoming gaming platform will be one of the most highly anticipated electronic products next year.

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