Overwatch Update: Game Director Not Pleased With Troll Picking

Overwatch is among the games that people want to talk about. Its popularity, over the course of few months, has skyrocketed. It only proves Blizzard's reputation and solid resume when it comes to developing hit titles. Nevertheless, the game didn't escape whatever criticisms or controversies there are -- one of which is the ongoing so-called "Troll Picks." To shed some light to these talks, game director Jeff Kaplan himself shared his views.

Most Overwatch players will think that these kinds of picks doesn't really matter. That it's simply an element of a game and that no one should bat an eye on it. Sadly, it's actually significant. The idea that it presents is that there are certain heroes in the game that are simply useless. Obviously, this can be a bad sign to the titular multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Troll Picks, as what the Overwatch community coins it, is all about players trying to pick the same heroes over and over again. They tend to go with characters that are, well, just way better than the other ones. Of course, one can't simply say that gamers want such notion to appear, though it's very evident in-game.

Unfortunately, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan isn't entirely pleased with the troll picking shenanigans. That, in one way or another, it was and never will be the goal of the game, as he stated in the official forums site of the title. Kaplan explained that it was never their intention for a hero to be looked upon as a "troll pick."

Nevertheless, Kaplan admitted that it can't be helped, especially that it's really happening in Overwatch. He also pointed out that the hero balance -- for instance, the characters are all equal -- tends to "shift over time." Why? It's simply due to "evolving playstyles, strategies and meta-trends" as time passes by.

Kaplan also mentioned that this isn't something that is only true to Overwatch. In fact, this scenario can be likened to pro sports such as soccer and hockey, among other. That, if people will look closely to these, they'll notice that tweaks and workarounds are also being applied over time. It might appear to be a "weird analogy," but, as what the game director said, it's quite akin to hero balances in titles like OW.

The aforementioned Overwatch director promised that he and his team will do their best to ensure that all heroes are useful and viable. In fact, the heroes Symmetra and Torbjorn are currently under their scope right now. The studio is set to make these characters more fun to play with.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch? How about the notion of troll picking? What can you say about Jeff Kaplan's statements? Share to us what you're thinking by using the comment section below!

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