Overwatch Update: D.Va Becomes Starcraft 2 Announcer, Sombra Only Hours Away

For the fans of Overwatch and hero D.Va, you're in for a treat. Blizzard is taking the mech-riding, badass lady to Starcraft 2 as an announcer. And when people think that things couldn't get any better, the Sombra hype just snowballs. It seems the whole community is just hours away from acquiring the new character.

According to Eurogamer, the aforementioned Overwatch hero is making her way to Starcraft 2, also a title developed by Blizzard. D.Va, known for his "Nerf this!" line is bringing her voice to S2 as an announcer. It's worth noting that this will be the very first hero (or character in a sense) outside of the franchise's canon to ever make an appearance in-game. And yes, despite her being an announcer.

In an announcement made by the studio, the Overwatch hero is deemed as a 16-year-old eSports prodigy. Her solid Starcraft experience in the scene is what makes her "uniquely qualified" to support players in-game. Heck, she's even considered as the number one ranked player at a very young age.

D.Va, equipped with the same tone and cuteness she has in Overwatch, will deliver the lines such as "Your base is under attack!" Fans can also hear her say "Nuke's ready, nerf this!" or "Warp in complete. Boom!" Players can check the full list in the above mentioned announcement.

In related Overwatch news, it seems Sombra is only a matter of time before she lands her on the game. As noted here at iTech Post, a controversial site seems to suggest that the said hero is only hours away from existing. As of this writing, her progress is at 99.0377% with a completion of just 20 hours, 41 minutes.

Of course, one can say that this might not really refer to the Overwatch hero. But really, who knows? Besides, Sombra's logo can be seen on the top-middle part of the site. This, in one way or another, could mean a thing or two.

What are your thoughts on the Overwatch hero D. Va getting a shot at Starcraft 2? How about the supposed forthcoming hero Sombra? Any expectations? Share us your answers by using the comment section below!

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