Overwatch Latest Update Arrives With Heavy Fixes

Like any other games out there, Overwatch is also a victim of bugs and glitches. Regardless, these exploitations just don't sit well to most fans. One is for the sole reason that it entirely affects the gameplay experience as a whole. Fortunately though, Blizzard was quick to respond, releasing a new update that fixes the aforesaid issues.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the studio has released a brand new update for their hit title Overwatch. It's said to be created specifically for fixing the above mentioned in-game issues. It's worth noting, though, that its size is merely 75MB -- nothing more, nothing less. Well, at least, it's enough to bring in a couple of bug fixes.

Blizzard, nonetheless, iterated that they're set to bring in more Overwatch updates if need be. One epitome is the so-called update 1.10, which was requested by the community. It indeed brought changes to game's multiplayer table.

The video game company is surely on the dot with its promise to leverage the player pool of Overwatch. Otherwise, the game wouldn't surpass the 20 million player base mark. This only proves the kind of reputation the studio has in the industry.

In related Overwatch news, the mech-riding her D.Va is now part of another title called Starcraft 2. Her duty? Well, she'll be the game's announcer. It's worth noting that the said hero is the first character to be introduced in-game outside of the Starcraft cannon. The aforesaid hero best known for his Ultimate voice line "Nerf this!"

Moreover, there are fans who've been speculating about a new Overwatch hero -- it's no other than Sombra. Her arrival, unfortunately, is yet to be found; hence players are doubting if she'll be introduced. Or worst, she won't be coming at all. But hey, until Blizzard says so, anything can be possible.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch? Have you downloaded the new update already? If so, how was the experience? When do you think will Blizzard unleash Sombra? Or do you think she's not arriving at all -- at least for the time being? Be sure to let us know by using the comment section below!

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