Overwatch Update: Here's A Full List Of Hero Balance Changes Applied

Needless to say, Overwatch is probably one of the best fps (first-person shooter) video games of today. Blizzard surely didn't fail to impress the community, as the game continues to increase its already large player pool. But of course, along with the rise of its popularity, the studio found the need to apply some changes. Recently, the video game company announced its plans to introduce the various balance changes to the title's hero roster.

In the official Overwatch forums, community manager Josh Engen revealed their plans of applying a couple of hero changes. And as he noted, these are all significant to the game. He also pointed out that such changes are possible due to the so-called PTR.

Nevertheless, Engen explained that Overwatch players shouldn't deem these changes final. Why? That's because the devs want to continue adjusting the heroes' respective stats. And this should happen as long as the PTR progresses. The community is also encouraged to give feedback throughout the entire process. For the meantime, below are the hero balance changes for the titular game.

Overwatch Hero Balance Changes In General

Through the aforementioned Overwatch hero balance changes, dealing damages to other players will no longer contribute to the Ultimate's charging abilities. Also, all of the heroes' special skill (Ultimate, in a sense) will be increased by 25%. But as mentioned above, these are subject to changes.

Overwatch D.Va

The health of the Overwatch hero's mech will be increased to 200, which was 100 in the current version. Her armor, however, remains at 400. Moreover, D.Va's movement speed (when firing) will be increased to a percentage of 25.

Overwatch Solider: 76 And Ana

First off, the Overwatch soldier hero will acquire changes particularly on his Pulse Rifle. Solider: 76's bullets will have an increase in terms of damage -- from 17 to 20, that is. It's also worth noting that his maximum bullet spread (one of the most controversial issues about him) will go from 2.2 to 2.4.

Ana, on the other hand, will be affected in terms of her Overwatch Ultimate called Nano Boost. Unlike before, it won't give any increase movement speed. This change, as what can be read in most forums, have long been requested by the community.

Overwatch Mei, Lucio And Zarya

Mei's Blizzard -- her Ultimate -- in Overwatch will be changed. It'll now cost around 15%. Meanwhile, Lucio's Amp It Up Ult has been decreased. Its healing-per-second is now reduced to at least 10%. As for Zarya -- the Russian warrior -- is acquiring changes for her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier. Both of these will be decreased to 20% whenever they gain powers from the hero's barrier.

Overwatch Torbjorn

Ovewatch player should keep in mind that the hero's Scrap will now be generated automatically over time. However, the amount of scrap he'll obtain from fallen enemies will be decreased to a whopping 40%. Lastly, Torbjorn's Forge Hammer is increased by 2% in terms of Swing Speed. Its damage, though, is decreased by 27%.

What are your thoughts on the changes Blizzard is planning to apply on the various Overwatch heroes? Which one do you agree and which one you don't? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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