Rockstar Deletes Trillons Of Dollars To Punish GTA Online Cheaters, Supension Policy Tightened

Say goodbye to your easy money as Rockstar is doing something to take that away from you. Cheating has been a rampant issue in GTA V, players may have been encouraged to do so since the overall aspect of the game is 'satire'. Rockstar is currently taking some steps to penalize those who cheat on GTA Online - it's about time, I guess, or is it too late? Regardless, if the steps prove to be effective, there would be a huge reduction in player pool, particularly those who are using mods to earn in-game cash 'illegally'.

GTA V has lots of mods and players are happy about it. There's this controversy on Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 being used not as a phone but as a sticky bomb. It's fun but Samsung did attempt to take down YouTube videos of it and as of this point, it is uncertain if they reached out to the particular modder. On the other side of the story, YouTube turned down Samsung on their DMCA claim.

Today, the company behind GTA Online wants to deal with the challenges of upholding an online game, which is cheating on in-game currency in particular. Rockstar wants to penalize these cheaters but at the same time wouldn't want a decrease in the player pool. So rather than banning them for good, they adapted the technique from Overwatch or The Division which is just to remove the in-game cash acquired via cheats. This would sound more than fair for both parties, and it is important to note that the deletion of in-game currency will not affect the ones purchased via micro transactions, Kotaku reports.

Rockstar also has enhanced their suspension and ban policy. Going forward, if a player gets a temporary ban, everything they worked hard online (or cheated out of) will be wiped out with no chance of getting it back. As a result of this movement, Trillions of GTA dollars were deleted. Here's one way of exploiting money for GTA Online. This is only to show you how it's done so try it at your own risk.

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