YouTube Turns Down Samsung's Attempt To Take Down Galaxy Note 7 Bomb Mod Videos

Samsung received a counter-claim when they took down one of the videos that showed their Galaxy Note 7 being used as a sticky bomb in GTA via form of mod. The company is now under fire for their defective phablet which had numerous reports of spontaneously exploding. Even the replacement units didn't go well as planned, they still explode so they had to shut down its production.

Yesterday, they filed DMCA claims against YouTube videos containing the said 'explosive' phone and demanded that they'd be put offline including the one uploaded by sdaddy345 - yes, that's his/her handle name. Samsung was successful in shutting the particular video down, but only for a few hours, Kotaku reports.

The alleged video's creator and uploader said that he filed a counter-claim saying that the video had done positive publicity for his YouTube Channel. After a while, his claim seems to have worked as the video is now back online. On top of this, Kotaku even stated a thought that if Samsung didn't want their Galaxy Note 7 as an object of satire in GTA V, or making fun of in general, they should have made sure and thoroughly tested that their products will not explode in the first place.

Satire or copyright infringed?

As of this point, there is a thin line between being a satire or a copyright offense when talking about the controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sticky bomb mod for GTA V. Some people say its offensive since it uses a company name and relate it to a weapon of destruction. Others just shrug it in 'meh' and move on. Anyway, one of GTA V's main concepts is satire. They even have a lot of lawsuit claims to iron because of it.

Based on the result experienced by sdaddy345, we can now safely post YouTube videos about the GTA V Mod that showcases the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a sticky bomb. No threats of videos further pulled down as of this writing. What do you think about this shenanigan? Do you think Samsung has rights? Or should they just focus their resources in making better non-exploding phones? Hit us with your comments below.

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