God Of War 4 New Demo To Be Unveiled At PSX 2016?

God of War 4 was first announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) back in June. Also, during that time, fans have finally seen its first demo, which gave them a look-see at a new kind of Kratos. While that experience is all worth it, players certainly want to see more about the forthcoming installment -- a demo in particular. Now, there are rumors stating that a brand new footage is set to be unveiled at the titular PSX 2016 event.

In the first God of War 4 demo, fans were able to understand -- and, at the same time, confirm all the rumors -- where the installment is heading. After a series of speculations, the video connected the dots, iterating that the title will indeed feature the Norse mythology. But of course, it was not just all about the setting.

Unlike in the previous installments, God of War 4 will introduce a totally unique and different Kratos -- the protagonist in the franchise. He'll now sport a more mature physique, let alone the fact that he now has a son. Apart from that, the game will feature a new kind of gameplay system -- one that is quite unique to the series as a whole.

However, as previously reported her at iTech Post, Sony doesn't plan to release another God of War 4 demo like the one shown at E3. That, in one way or another, this will only be possible as soon as the title nears its official release date. Of course, this is somehow disappointing given the fact that the community wants to learn more about the upcoming title.

Nevertheless, there are rumors about a God of War 4 demo being showcased at the PSX 2016 event. This one here came following Cory Barlog's -- the game director of the franchise -- statement over Twitter that he's willing to produce a non-playable demo for the fans to see. Although it might not be as invigorating as the E3 demo, it should be enough to stir the interest of the community.

If there's truth to this, then God of War 4 fans might want to join the forthcoming PSX 2016 event at Anaheim, California. Whether or not Barlog will be part of Sony's presentation, everything about the demo remains a mystery. Well, at least, that's something to look forward to.

What are your thoughts on God of War 4? Are you also excited for the title? Do you think it'll be great for Sony to release more demos in the future? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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