God Of War 4 Update: Demos Unlikely To Happen, PS4 Pro Not A Requirement

God of War 4 was first revealed back in June at Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3). And by the looks of the showcased demo, the game is quite interesting. But of course, only time can tell if it lives up to the expectation, though it's likely to happen. Now, according to the latest reports, the title won't require players to have the so-called PS4 Pro. Unfortunately, the fans can't expect any more demos in the future.

As reported by Ubergizmo, whether or not players decide to upgrade to the new console from Sony, they can still play God of War 4. Why? That's because the game will be developed based on the standards of the latest system PS4. The next-gen console, contrary to popular belief, won't be necessary.

It was the titular creative director Cory Barlog who revealed the big God of War 4 news. Barlog pointed out that what people saw in E3 is pretty much designed for PS4. That players won't have to burden themselves into buying the new console just to play the upcoming title. But of course, there's a possibility that the game's PS4 Pro's version will have added visual enhancements and whatnots.

While the aforementioned God of War 4 news is music to the ears of the fans, they might have to pull back a little. Sony has announced -- through Barlog -- that demos won't be happening unlike in the past. The said creative director explained that the devs are "hard at work," thus bringing demos isn't a good idea. In fact, as what he noted, it's pretty much better for the game not to have even a single one. Nevertheless, Barlog iterated that if it is to happen, fans won't see it come into existence until the game is "a month or two" away from the official release date.

In related God of War 4 news, the game's total campaign length still remains a mystery. According to the devs, for now, it's difficult to give out specifics. This kind of detail won't surface until the game is inches away from becoming a reality. Nevertheless, players can expect it to have the right amount of length.

What are your thoughts on God of War 4? Are you also excited for its arrival? What expectations do you have for the forthcoming game? Share us your answers at the comment section below!

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