Xperia XZ Torture Test: Flagship Passes Burn Test, Fails In Every Other Challenge

The Sony flagship Xperia XZ went through the torture test that Zack from JerryRigEverything´s YouTube Channel, which usually puts many mobile devices into the most ridiculous endurance tests imaginable. The results are interesting: while the smartphone passes an incredible burn test in which the YouTuber subjected the phone´s display to direct fire for more than 10 seconds, it failed almost every other challenge.

The Good News: It Could Survive A Flame Armageddon

Let´s start with the good part about the burn test. While the Xperia XZ screen´s pixels turned black after getting the flame torture, they managed to fully recover without any kind of black or white spots on the display, as reported by Tech Times. The incredible detail about this awkward experiment is that it shows that in this feature the Xperia XZ is way much better than the Google Pixel, given the fact that this phone also went through the torture, and the display wasn't able to recover fully, and a white spot remained on it.

The Bad News: It Is Weak As Heck

Now, the bad news: the Xperia XZ outstandingly reproved the scratch test. As reported by Android Headlines, Zack scratches the earpiece beside it which is protected by a thin layer of plastic, then he easily scratched the bottom part of the rear of the smartphone which is also made with the same material.

If you want more plastic this could be good news, since the sidebars of the Xperia XZ ended up being easily scratched, giving the surprising fact that this part is made out of this weak material. Zack also went Negan on the fingerprint scanner and also scratched it, and when he tested it out later on, it wasn't working anymore.

As reported by Android Headlines, the YouTuber did his famous bend test on the Xperia XZ on the last part of the torture test, and it managed to put it back into its original shape after being bent, but as you can imagine, the plastic sidebars cracked it on both sides of the phone. Although this is a very unusual test, what the torture showed was that if you are not a careful user or you want to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, the Xperia NZ might be weaker than a dry leaf.

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