Why The MacBook Pro 2016 Is Apple's Most Significant Upgrade For Years

By Staff writer , Oct 19, 2016 04:13 AM EDT

The upcoming release for the most anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 is something that a lot of Apple fans are eagerly waiting for. New rumors regarding details about its upcoming release contain some info regarding an upcoming October Apple Event where many have speculated to be the moment where we can finally see the latest MacBook being introduced in the flesh, and that's just within the following week.

The MBP 2016 will be a revolutionary one

The present Retina MacBook Pro models are already a year old and don't even have that much of a difference when compared to other previous generations. So with that said, you can definitely expect for a faster, more powerful MacBook Pro along with some very revolutionary features.

Mark your calendars - October 27

After disregarding the iPhone 7 event, Appel buyers are looking forward to an upcoming event this fall where we could finally witness the MacBook Pro being released. A lot of reports have claimed for a late October event wherein Apple is going to finally announce the new MacBook Pro, while another report also gives information regarding the state of the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update, which is focused on prepping macOS Sierra for the upcoming hardware. For a more specific date, the 27th of October. Yes, you can mark your calendars now

Rumored Specs and predictions

The biggest rumors are about the 2016 MacBook Pro likely incorporating a powerful processor, a lot of USB C ports and an OLED row just above the keyboard. We are also having speculations about a Touch ID support and some modifications regarding the headphone jack. Should rumors come true, the MacBook Pro 2016 will truly be a revolutionary product and will be considered as Apple's most significant upgrade in the recent year. While there are still some questions regarding the upcoming MacBook Pro, there will definitely be no doubt that we will be seeing a new and upgraded installment of the MacBook line relatively soon.

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