Apple Will Not Phase Out The MacBook Air 2016, But Why?

By Staff writer , Oct 18, 2016 05:05 AM EDT

The Cupertino-based tech company is set to release its newest line of MacBooks. The MacBook Pro 2016 is a lock. It's going to be released anytime this year. The MacBook Air 2016, on the other hand, was a shocker, coming out of nowhere, which adds some good news for Apple fans.

That Airs are not going to be dead anytime soon

The future for the MacBook Air was previously on the wire, with a lot of people having the impression that Apple might be on the verge of discontinuing the Air product line since the Pro lines are experiencing some huge success. Plus adding the fact that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will be coming out thinner, the expectations of having a MacBook Air 2016 seems to be unrealistic. But fortunately all of them was just false rumors, and Apple has yet to be giving any information regarding an Air shut down anytime soon with the upcoming release of the Air 2016.

Introducing the MacBook Air 2016

Since both MacBook Pros will be having the same physical attributes, it was rumored that the MacBook Air may end up being a variant of the MacBook Pro 2016 lineup. But since Apple is confirmed to not fully abandoning the product line to satisfy customers looking for a cheaper alternative laptop, this rumor has been crossed out.

Specs of the upcoming MacBook Air 2016

Spec-wise, there have been rumors about the upcoming MacBook Air 2016 sporting an 11-inch display screen, an Intel Skylake or Kaby Lake processor (still undecided), a USB-Type C port, a Touch ID, a Force Touch trackpad, and a much-improved battery for longer usage. These rumored specs seem to be pretty similar to the MacBook Pro 2016, but they are rumors for a reason. As long as Apple makes any statement, let's take all of these rumors with a grain of salt.

Release Date

As for the probable release dates, rumors have been saying that the MacBook Air 2016 will be launched on Oct. 25, but it was later then moved to the 27th, implying that the release date is still inevitable. But either which date they're going to go to, let's just rest assure that will be a MacBook Air coming out at any moment's notice.

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