Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Released; What We Know So Far

Today is N7 Day, which means today, is the day the studio celebrates the release of "Mass Effect" and is considered a holiday for players of the game. On this day, BioWare has also decided to release the much-awaited trailer of "Mass Effect: Andromeda". A one minute and 44-second cinematic trailer of the game has been posted online and it gives the audience a closer look at the game's impressive in-game graphics and background story of the lead character.

A Closer Look at the Lead Character: Ryder

As seen in the story of the game, players will have the option to control the male Ryder or his twin female which was first shown at E3. Ryder is on a mission as the Pathfinder to help humanity search for a new home. Players will be able to find their own path, chart their own course, and journey through Andromeda galaxy to discover the new world where humans can live in.

The narrator of the story is reported to be Ryder's father. The storyline is set 600 years after today's time and Andromeda is believed to be 600 years after the third installment of the game "Mass Effect".

More Trailer to be Released Next Month

Although the new trailer provides plenty of details about the upcoming game, the company promises to bring more next month at the Game Awards on December 1. The game is expected to be released on March 21 but EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said it's possible the release can be delayed depending on the publisher. He says that if there is a reason that requires extension then the release could be delayed.

It can be remembered that the game was supposed to be released this year but had to be moved next year. BioWare explains that the game needs more time to make sure that it delivers the game just the way it should be.

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