Overwatch Update: Arcade Mode Helps Players Avoid "Maining"

Major updates just hit the Overwatch PTR and aside from Sombra, players have a lot to play with in the new Arcade Mode which according to Blizzard, will help create a healthy competitive environment for the community. The Arcade Mode currently has five different modes which individually gives a unique type of approach from the classic Play Modes. Furthermore, the new Arcade Mode will help players avoid "maining" which is in conjunction to Blizzard's effort on implementing the Single-Hero-Limit in Quick Play.

Overwatch Arcade Mode

The new mode in Overwatch is the Arcade which features 5 distinct game modes which you can play solo or with your friends. Here is the full list of game modes in the Arcade:

Mystery Duel - this is a 1v1 match up in a best-of-nine series against a random opponent where both of you will be given the same random hero.
Elimination - this is a 3v3 match in a best-of-three series which disables the respawn functionality upon death therefore, players have no way of reviving aside from Mercy's resurrection ability.
Mystery Heroes - this is a 6v6 match on a typical Quick Play map but the twist is that, players are given random heroes.
No Limits - this is a 6v6 match wherein there's no limit to the number of stacks of a single hero. You can play 6 Roadhogs in this mode!
All Brawls - this is basically just a mode that cycles all the previous Brawl modes in each round.

Overwatch Arcade Mode Helps Players Avoid "Maining"

One of the cool aspects of the new Overwatch Arcade Mode is that, players are given the chance to welcome new heroes in their current pool. Essentially, this is an attempt by Blizzard to encourage teamwork by improving the player's knowledge on various heroes in the game.

Basically what the Overwatch Single-Hero-Limit and Arcade Mode offer is that it motivates player to use numerous heroes in various roles, aside from their usual comfort zone, and therefore harnessing their versatility in the process. By doing so, each individual players may hopefully avoid "maining" in the future and be more open to varied team compositions.

Arcade Mode and its Significance in Diversified Overwatch Gameplay

Mystery duel enables Overwatch players to properly utilize each roles in the game and how to effectively play against each class. This gives the player the idea about its weakness and how to augment its weakspot. In the Elimination, players are encouraged to be more cooperative as there's no respawn upon death. It'll stimulate communication as well.

In Overwatch Mystery Heroes, players are furthermore encouraged to perform well on various roles as they are given random heroes in this game mode. It'll put your flexibility and versatility to the test. In the other hand, No Limits encourage fun games with your friends or even help you play Sombra in case you constantly missing the chance to play the new hero in Quick Play. All Brawls is more like a "wildcard" in the Arcade but nonetheless, it's still fun to play overall.

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