Overwatch Update: Play Of The Game 2.0 Feature Coming

Aside from Sombra, which is now live on PTR, Blizzard also revealed the upcoming revamp of the current Play of the Game in order to create emphasis on teamwork rather than just focusing on the heavy hitters, hogging the spotlight during the end of each match.

Overwatch Play of the Game

In the current Play of the Game, the existing criteria to be a candidate for a match' PotG is as follows:

High Score - Skill streaks and multikills are one of the best tickets to land a spotlight in every match.
Sharpshooter - In order to land on this category, there are two factors which are being considered: difficulty and skill of the kill. Difficulty like taking a headshot while in a speed boost, hitting a target mid-air, etc.
Lifesaver - When a player kills or disables an opposing player which the latter had an imminent kill at hand, that player will then be given a "lifesaver" score.
Shutdown - When a player kills an opponent while in the middle of casting an impactful skill, that player will be awarded a "shutdown" score.

Now, based on the four categories, the PotG only focuses on individual plays rather than highlighting any significant teamwork during or prior to the kill. This is why most of the DPS are hogging the current spotlight in each and every match. But now, Blizzard is under works for the upcoming revamp of the existing PotG which will soon hit on PTR.

Overwatch Play of the Game 2.0

The core of the revamp is to stress the importance of teamwork rather than individual plays. According to Overwatch's lead hero designer, Geoff Goodman, the revamp will highlight the actual teamwork which have then led to the actual kill streaks, etc. For example, Mercy resurrecting Reaper into a multikill Death Blossom - in the PotG 2.0, the highlights will showcase the crucial Mercy play to make the kill streaks happen. Even Ana's Nano Boost into a Reaper's Death Blossom a.k.a Beyblade can now be a highlight in the next PotG 2.0.

These small changes will undeniably make a significant impact on the concurrent toxic community where trolls are mostly random picking whatever hero they want regardless of team composition. For those that are hysterical for attention, this small change can hopefully encourage them to perform significant impact during each match.

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