Nintendo Switch Latest News: Capcom Hints PS4, Xbox One Games Never Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is slated to arrive in March 2017. However, the latest reports suggest that the Xbox One and PS4 games may unlikely come to the upcoming console.

Bringing to Nintendo Switch the PS4 and Xbox One games will require a thorough research first on how this could possibly happen, according to Capcom. Given that, the company is still unable to offer specifics. Based on reports, there have been notable differences in the desired playstyle and direction of the Switch and the Xbox One and PS4. This may be due to the Nintendo Switch's mobile, console, hybrid nature.

Meantime, Capcom believes that it is ideal to have the industry refresh with new hardware releases. The company further explained that being a software publisher, they try to develop games that provide enjoyment that fits to every piece of the hardware's features as well as target users. Moreover, it was also revealed that Capcom's own content will soon be introduced once they have moved forward with the internal planning and study as a partner company.

Nintendo Switch will go on sale in March of 2017, however, the price has not been announced yet, including the release date. Nevertheless, Nintendo is expected to reveal the console's system specifications, price and launch line up in Jan. 12 during a briefing.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is reported to be the first addition to the company's next generation of consoles, and is expected to compete with other current-gen consoles. Experts believe that the console is likely to create an impact given its distinct features of providing a high potential to how the players can play a game. The new Nintendo console was officially revealed in a video a few days ago, and based from that, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only confirmed video game in the lineupWatch video about Nintendo Switch:

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