Google Daydream View Review: Living The Dream

Google's Daydream View is now available and YouTube is making sure users get to live the dream.

YouTube just released a dedicated virtual reality app for the Daydream View, Google's latest mobile-based VR headset. This allows owners of the VR headset to enjoy YouTube videos like they are part of the video itself.

Tech Radar reports that Google is looking into bringing the YouTube VR app to its other devices.

Setting up the Daydream View is easy especially when compared to other VR headsets. To operate the Daydream View, simply start off by opening the hatch at the front of the headset. This is where the controller is kept. Just take it out. Next, place a phone on the headset's door. Make sure the phone is on first. After adjusting the straps, hold down the calibration button on the controller. Then, it can be played.

Another good thing about the Daydream View is that it automatically pairs with the phone. The user also has no need to calibrate, adjust or alter things manually. Navigating the menus is done through the motion controller. A cursor will follow the user's motions so navigation is done by simply pointing at where the cursor needs to go.

The Daydream View is relatively cheap at $79.99 each. In comparison, the HTC Vive goes for $799. The Samsung Gear VR sells for somewhere between $75 and $125 while the Oculus Rift is worth $599. The PlayStation VR has a $399 price tag.

CNet cites the daydream View's affordable price, portability, and ease of use as among its good points. It does have some issues with the frequency that the headset had to be adjusted because of its front-heavy design. Also, the Daydream View only works with Google Pixel but an update will surely follow.

The View is also quite limited. Unlike some of the other VR headsets, the user cannot walk around or grab stuff. Plus, the app selection is still quite limited.

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