Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Version Exclusives Leaked Ahead Of Release

We just can't get enough of Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks, can we? As the Nintendo 3DS games release gets closer and closer, more datamined info and game details have flooded the net. But really, who could stop themselves from reading the games' spoilers? And Nov. 18 is even a week away.

Aside from the leaked stats of Pokemon Sun and Moon starters, an online team planner was also built to help gamers create the very best Pokemon team. Hey, Pokemon gamers are one excited and well-prepared bunch. Now, another set of juicy details about the Sun and Moon games have been leaked online.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak

Aside from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts revelation from The Pokemon Company months ago (and more info about these mysterious creatures were later leaked), we get to meet more new Pokemon. Aww, how much do we love the geniuses behind the Pokemon games?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Version Exclusives

Finally, the version exclusive Pokemon list have been leaked on the Pokemon subreddit. And there are six exclusive Pokemon for Pokemon Sun, and another six for Pokemon Moon.

Redditor VanitaLite said that Pokemon Sun will have Passimian (a Fighting-Type lemur), Turtonator (a Fire-Dragon type Pokemon), Solgaleo (legendary Pokemon), UB-02 Expansion (Ultra Beast), Lyrcanroc Midday-Forme, and A-Vulpix and Ninetails (Alola forms).

Pokemon Moon exlusives will include Oranguru (a Psychic-type Pokemon which resembles an orangutan), Drampa (a Dragon with Berserk and Sap Sipper abilities), Lunala (Psychic/Ghost type Legendary), UB-02 Beauty (Ultra Beast), Lycanroc Midnight-Forme, and A-Sandshrew and Sandslash (Alola forms).

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo

If you think you are the only one who is going crazy over these upcoming 3DS Pokemon games, you're not. Nintendo recently said that Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is the most downloaded demo on Nintendo 3DS' eShop. And Nintendo's most pre-ordered games as well, so no surprise there.

Pokemon Sun and Moon games are coming Nov. 18 to the Nintendo 3DS.

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